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Finding Your Passion

Too often I hear people say they don’t know what they are passionate about or they don’t have time to be passionate about anything because they are too busy being a mama or just living life. We have got to make sure we are filling our on own cup first and then letting all that goodness overflow to everyone and everything else. So I just want to go through a quick little exercise with you on finding your passion, recognizing it or even reconnecting with it. So that we can be more intentional about it. Sometimes we forget about how happy the little things make us

Step #1

Set a timer for about 1 minute and write down everything you love to do or would love to be involved it. It doesn’t have to be something you do now. It could be something you have always wanted to do or something you did when you were younger.

Some ideas:



Public Speaking

Coloring- This is one of my favorite things to do- Give me an adult coloring book and some Prisma color pencils and I am a happy girl.

Planning things


Rescue animals

Making candles other crafts



Helping others

At the end of the minute, you are done. Set it aside for the day.

Step 2

Ask your significant other, closest friends, children if they are old enough, siblings ( about 4 people ) to write down, message you or whatever form 3-5 things they think would say you are passionate about.. About a year or two ago I did this very same thing just to see if what I thought I was passionate about that other people could see that too. Would my closest friends be like “ oh really, you love that? I’d have never guessed.” You never talk about that. Or would your friends all see about the same thing. Sometimes we are too close to something to even realize it is a passion. It is just something we do.

I had my husband, daughter who was 16-17 at the time and my two closest girlfriends to send me what they thought. It was really neat to see that they all had a lot of the same things…Jesus, dancing, family, planners, the homeless, and teaching others. What was neat was that I didn’t really see some of them as being things other people would say I was passionate about because they were just things that I did and they were not on my list.

Step 3

Compare the lists. See what they have in common or maybe they have nothing in common. Are there things on there that surprise you? Or that you wouldn’t have thought of? Circle the things that are similar on their list and yours.

The final step:

Pick one or two of those things and be intentional with it this week. It does not have If you love to color, set aside a few minutes this week to color. You never know what it could lead to. There is a lady in one of my groups who loves to color and she started making her own color sheets. Now she has a monthly subscription membership that people pay her for the coloring sheets that she makes.

Do the same thing next week. Stick with the same thing or pick something else on the list to be intentional about. See what lights your fire the most.

I’d love to hear what you plan on doing this week.

And if time is an issue, don’t fret, next week we will be talking about how to find time to do the things we love to do.

Have a beautiful week and remember the YOU have some kind of wonderful to offer the world.


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